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Invalidate Patents - Crowdfunding

Silicon Valley IP Law is offering a crowdfunding option to invalidate a patent by filing a re-examination proceeding (Inter Partes Review) at the US Patent Office. You may submit a patent anonymously using the form below, and you may contribute anonymously toward funding a re-examination of any patent listed below.  Contributions are made using bitcoin so that contributions remain anonymous. The Funding Target includes the re-examination petition fee ($41,500) plus attorneys fees, and is set by Silicon Valley IP Law based on the complexity of the case.  If the funding total is not reached by the funding deadline, all of the bitcoin contributions are automatically refunded to the payee bitcoin address. Please use a paper wallet when contributing bitcoin so that you have access to the bitcoin if refunded. More information about generating a paper wallet can be found here:

Patent #
Prior Art
Funding Bitcoin QR Code
BTC Balance
Funding Target
Funding Deadline
US 10,585,337
US2459676 US6135435 US6439515 US6619644 US6773172


Phone: 415-238-4007

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Howard H. Sheerin is a registered patent attorney with a practice focused exclusively on patent law for over 28 years. Mr. Sheerin holds an electrical and computer engineering degree (EE/CS) from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a Juris Doctor (JD) from the Santa Clara University School of Law. Mr. Sheerin has drafted and prosecuted over 800 patent applications in the United States Patent and Trademark Office covering complex electrical and computer engineering inventions as well as complex mechanical inventions. Accordingly, Mr. Sheerin is highly qualified to represent clients against claims of patent infringement, including to draft opinions of non-infringement and invalidity.

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