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Our firm has successfully represented the following companies in all aspects of patent law:


Recent Results

US9,148,480 - ON24 asserted this patent against by filing an infringement action in Northern California District Court. Not happy with the performance of their previous patent law firm, retained our firm to take over the defense. We filed a motion requesting a claim construction hearing to construe a term under 35 USC § 112(6) in connection with an invalidity defense under 35 USC § 112(2).  ON24 objected to the claim construction for being untimely, forcing the Court to hold a hearing on the issue. During the hearing, Mr. Sheerin argued that claim construction can still occur as part of a Motion for Summary Judgement since the invalidity argument under 35 USC § 112(2) was asserted in the Defendant's original invalidity contentions. The Court agreed with Mr. Sheerin and will proceed with claim construction under 35 USC § 112(6) when deciding Mr. Sheerin's Motion for Summary Judgement.




US6,773,172, US10,585,337, US10,612,718 - Really Right Stuff (RRS) asserted these patents against Field Optics Research (FOR) by filing an Infringement action in Utah Federal District Court. We joined the FOR defense team and filed amended contentions to add multiple non-infringement and invalidity arguments. The motion to amend was granted, the previously filed claim construction briefs were vacated, and the Court ordered new briefs be filed before the Markman hearing. New claim construction brief and motion for partial summary judgement filed. Response claim construction brief filed. Reply to Plaintiff's response to motion for summary judgement filed. Reply claim construction brief filed.

​US10,883,653 - Really Right Stuff (RRS) asserted this patent against Desmond Photographic by cancelling related Amazon listings. We sent an invalidity letter to RRS, and after several subsequent emails, RRS effectively withdrew the complaint.

​US11,194,114 - H&Y Digital Company asserted this patent against Kase through a cease and desist letter. We sent a non-infringement letter to H&Y, and by not responding to the letter, H&Y has effectively abandoned the claim.

Client Testimonials

John Desmond, Desmond Photographic: "Mr Sheerin has a deep knowledge of patent issues. Very thorough prior art investigation. A great advocate for anyone involved in a patent dispute."

Vince Warner, Field Optics Research: "Mr. Sheerin is a fantastic patent attorney. Very knowledgeable and a very smart thinker. Unlike other attorneys I’ve worked with, he is able to captain the ship rather than wait to be told where to go. That matters..."

Milad Shara, Patent Attorney, Wheatstone IP Law: "Mr. Sheerin is a 'fixer.' He has, on more than one occasion, turned a losing case into a winning case."

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