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Howard Sheerin, Patent Attorney

Mr. Sheerin is a registered patent attorney representing clients in patent law for over 28 years.  Mr. Sheerin has defended clients  against claims of patent infringement using various legal strategies, including to draft opinions of non-infringement and invalidity, filing petitions for Inter Partes Review (IPR) at the US Patent Office, and defending companies in Federal District Court.

Mr. Sheerin is very adept at developing strong legal defense theories based on the prior art, deficiencies in the claim language, and non-infringement arguments based on persuasive claim construction briefs.  In multiple cases after being retained late in the litigation, Mr. Sheerin identified strong legal arguments that changed the entire direction of the defense for the better.  Vince Warner, CEO of Field Optics Research, commented: "once I added Mr. Sheerin to my defense team, he elevated my case from a C+ to A+ almost immediately."

Less than five percent of patent infringement cases reach the trial phase, with the majority of cases either settling after claim construction, or dismissed through summary judgement, which means a competent and aggressive pre-trial legal defense is critical to your success.

State Bar Admissions

California Bar #208837

U.S. District Court Admissions:

California Central District Court

California Northern District Court

Utah District Court

United Stated Patent Office

Registration No. 37,938

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